Bill Conway

On the Issues

Public Safety

Bill Conway’s top priority will be keeping our neighborhoods and public transit safe. As Alderman, Bill will fight to increase community policing, put more cops on the beat in our ward, and make sure our officers and mental health professionals have the resources they need to deter crime and take care of residents.

Addressing Root Causes of Crime

A former prosecutor, Bill Conway knows firsthand that more cops alone aren’t enough. We’ll never solve crime in the long term until we address its root causes like poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and mental health. That’s why Conway will work to increase funding for mental health treatment and create economic opportunity in communities historically left behind.

Thoughtful Development

As Alderman, Conway will take a thoughtful and collaborative approach to development to keep our downtown an economic engine of the country, while being respectful of how changes in traffic, public transit, and parking affect our neighborhoods

Protecting Reproductive Rights

Bill is proudly pro-choice and knows that with abortion rights under attack across the country, it’s more important than ever that Chicago expands access to reproductive health care for women, regardless of background or income.

Public Transit

The CTA system connects all corners of our vibrant city, but years of unfinished improvements have created delays and an uncomfortable and unsafe experience. Bill Conway will put more officers and conductors on trains and in stations to ensure public safety and work for a safer, cleaner, and more efficient “L” and bus system that commuters can rely on.


Our downtown neighborhoods are thriving and that growth requires an expansion of our existing infrastructure. Bill Conway will work to improve our local parks and playgrounds, support our small businesses, and advocate for a new neighborhood high school so every kid in our community has access to a high-quality local school and young families want to stay and raise their children here.